All time best episodes of south park


Social and Political Satire

Chinpokomon (Ep 3-11)

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In this episode of South Park, the boys fall into the new Chinpokomon fad sweeping through America. The fad is a thinly veiled poke at the Pokemon fad of the late Nineties.

Child Abduction is not Funny (Ep 6-11)

The parents of the town grow increasingly concerned about their children being abducted, spurred on by news reports. This leads to the children being banished from town and joining a group of Mongolians.

All About Mormons (Ep 7-12)

Stan makes friends with the new Mormon boy at school and Randy tries to convert his family to Mormonism. This episode explores the history and practice of Mormonism in modern life.

Butt Out (Ep 7-13)

When the boys are caught smoking, Rob Reiner and a group of anti-tobacco lobbyist flood South Park. Reiner and his team then goes to very extreme lengths to ban smoking indoors.

Douche and Turd (Ep 8-8)

This episode lampoons everything from PETA, political campaigns and elections, and Puff Daddy’s “Vote Or Die” ad campaign. Stan learns the lesson that his choice is always between a douche and a turd in elections.

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes (Ep 8-9)


A brand new Wall-Mart opens up in South Park and infections the population with its low prices. This results in shopping addiction in Randy and small businesses closing their doors.

Trapped in the Closet (Ep 9-12)

This Emmy Award nominated episode is a scathing critique of the religion of Scientology. The episode mocks the beliefs of the religion and claims it is just a institute interested in money.

Black Friday trilogy (Eps 17-7 to 17-9)
In this series of episodes, nothing is safe. They mock everything like Game of Thrones, the Black Friday craze in America, George R. R. Martin, and video game console wars.

Rainforest Shmainforest (Ep 3-1)


The boys go on a school trip to Costa Rica to perform a rain forest support concert. While taking a tour in the rain forest, they learn of all the dangers in the forest.

Timmy 2000 (Ep 4-3)

There is a vast over diagnosis of Attention Deficient Disorder among the school children in South Park Elementary. This episode is also the introduction of the fan favorite character of Timmy.

Stan’s Best

My Future Self N’ Me (Ep 6-16)

Stan sets out to solve the mystery of who is behind his future self appearing in his time, not believing that he will grow up to be an unemployed drug addict.

Woodland Critter Christmas (Ep 8-14)

This episode is an example of one of Stan’s best character traits: playing the resistant straight man. He’s roped into helping a group of Satan worshiping animals he finds in the woods.

Free Willzyx (Ep 9-13)

Stan recruits the other boys to help him free a talking whale named Willzyx escape from the aquarium and return to his home on the moon, not knowing the whale’s talking was a prank.

Guitar Queer-o (Ep 11-13)

When Stan gets his big break playing Guitar Hero, his pursuit of fame causes a rift in his and Kyle’s friendship. Also a great Randy Episode as he plays Heroine Hero.

Whale Whores (Ep 13-11)

Mocking the show Whale Wars as Stan joins the crew and starts performing acts of eco-terrorism in under to protect whales and dolphins from the Japanese who hold a grudge with them after World War Two.

Kyle”s Best

The List (Ep 11-14)

The girls at South Park Elementary make a list ranking the boys on attractiveness. Kyle’s confidence is shaken upon learning he appears so low on the list and spirals into a depression.

Taming Strange (Ep 17-5)
Kyle must try to get Ike back to his normal self after Ike is accidentally given steroids and hits puberty much earlier than expected. This leads Ike only to be interested in “strange.”

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo (Ep 1-9)

This episode explores Kyle’s Judaism and the isolation he feels around Christmas time due to it. His friends also mock him for his belief in the fabled Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.

Ike’s Wee Wee (Ep 2-4)

Kyle panics as Ike’s bris draws closer, thinking the ceremony will result in Ike getting his p*nis cut off. Kyle also discovers and deals with the fact that Ike was adopted.

The Entity (Ep 5-11)

Kyle’s cousin Kyle comes to town for a visit, and Kyle tries everything to prevent Cartman from making fun of his cousin’s stereotypical Jewish mannerisms. Kyle also tries to send his cousin away.

Cartman’s Best

Scott Tenorman Must Die (Ep 5-5)

Cartman seeks revenge when he is tricked by an older boy into purchasing his pubic hair. A shocking reveal occurs at Cartman’s Chili Con Carnival when he makes the boy eat his own parents in chili.

Fat Butt and Pancake Head (Ep 7-5)

In this episode, Cartman imitates Jennifer Lopez by drawing a face on his hand. Things escalate as the real Lopez tries to attack Cartman and his hand begins a romantic relation with Ben Affleck.

Christian Rock Hard (Ep 7-9)
When the boys’ band breaks up, they make a bet to see who can make the first platinum album. Cartman then makes a Christian rock band, thinking it will sale the most albums.

Chickenlover (Ep 2-3)

Cartman is temporarialy put on the South Park police squad while Officer Barbardy learns to read. Cartman abuses his new found power and shouts his famous line: “Respect my authoritah!”

Casa Bonita (Ep 7-11)

This episode shows the insane lengths Cartman will go to get what his wants. By locking Butters in a bomb shelter for days, Cartman hopes to get an invitation to Kyle’s birthday party at Casa Bonita.

Kenny’s Best (Ep 9-4)

Best Friend’s Forever

When Kenny gets the high score in a PSP game, God kills him. He does this so Kenny can use the golden PSP to control Heaven’s army to wage war against the army from Hell.

Major B**bage (Ep 12-3)

A new drug craze called “cheesing” is raging through South Park. Kenny gets hooked on the drug when he is transported a heavy metal, b**b-filled world every time he gets high.

Coon vs. Coon and Friends (Ep 14-13)

The last episode of the Coon and Cthulhu trilogy, Cartman seeks revenge on Kenny and the Coon and Friends. This episode finally reveals the secret of Kenny’s many deaths and revivals.

The Ring (Ep 13-1)

Kenny is desperate to take his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brother concert after hearing rumors that the band makes girls want to perform sexual acts with their boyfriends.

Chickenpox (Ep 2-10)

The boys’ parents send them to Kenny’s house for a sleep over in an attempt to give the boys chickenpox. This episode is the first to fully explore the depths of the poverty that Kenny lives in.

Butters’ Best

Butter’s Very Own Episode (Ep 5-14)

The first episode centered around Butters, he investigates his father’s night time activities. He then reports to his mom of his father’s homosexual acts at adult movie theaters and bath houses.

Professor Chaos (Ep 6-6)

Butters has finally had enough of being bullied and creates his evil alter ego: Professor Chaos. In this episode, Butters uses his new identity to try to spread chaos and fear throughout the world.

AWESOM-O (Ep 8-5)

Butters recieves a mysterious package from Japan and finds the AWESOM-O 4000, a friendship robot, inside. Unknown to Butters, however, the robot is actually Cartman trying to pull a prank on him.

Marjorine (Ep 9-9)

The boys are terrified to learn that the girls at South Park Elementary has created a device that can predict the future. In order to attain it, the boys use Butters dressed as a girl to infiltrate a slumber party.

Butters’ Bottom Bitch (Ep 13-9)

When Butters pays a girl on the playground for his first kiss, he realizes that he can help the girl by organizing her kissing appointments and taking a cut of her profits.

Randy’s Best

Bloody Mary (Ep 9-14)

Randy is debilitated when he suffers from the disease of alcoholism. When he has almost lost hope, he decided his only chance of curing himself is the statue of Mary who bleeds out of her a**.

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow (Ep 9-8)

Global warming has struck South Park. When Randy finds Stan missing from the emergency shelter, he and a few other men take it upon themselves to brave the global warming devastated outside world in order to save him.

Something You Can Do With You Finger (Ep 4-8)

Randy is horrified when he finds out Stan and the other boys have created a boy band named Finger Bang. He reveals to Stan his history as a member of a short lived boy band.

The Losing Edge (Ep 9-5)

The boys spend all summer trying to lose their little league baseball games so they can stop playing the game. Randy spends all summer fighting other members of the crowd at the boys’s games.

Make Love, Not Warcraft (Ep 10-8)

When a player on World of Warcraft is illegally killing other players, Randy is the only hope of delivering a power weapon to the boys who are waging a war with the player.

Top ten episodes of south park

Most Controversial

1. Cartoon Wars


Mohammad is mocked once again, leaving Muslims up in arms over the episode.

2. 200


This episodes tries to tackle censorship and the importance of free speech.

3. Not Without My Anus


This gem angered viewers by featuring Saddam Hussein, Celine Dion, and Terrance and Philip. It was originally meant to be the answer to who Eric Cartman’s father was in the previous season, which ended on a cliffhanger.

4. Pinewood Derby

Mexico’s flag is inappropriately used, which left many viewers upset.

5. Douche and Turd


This episode mocked the 2004 elections with a giant douche and turd sandwich, stating that there’s no real difference between the two as Stan refuses to vote.

6. 201


In this episode, all appearances of Mohammad were blacked out by the network and is said to be more shocking than the actual character.

7. Tonsil Trouble


Cartman gets AIDS and attempts to give it to Kyle out of revenge.

8. Jared Has Aides – Butters is seen being abused by his parents, which was disturbing to most viewers.

9. Cripple Fight


This episode’s title speaks for itself and involves two disabled students getting into a fight at school.

10. Proper Condom Use


This episode features plenty of sex ed scenes but combine disturbing humor into the storyline.

Most Offensive

1. Super Best Friends – a coalition of religious figures is formed, which include Jesus, Joseph Smith, Buddha, and a Muslim prophet known as Muhammad. Muhammad was offensive to Muslims viewers in this episode due to how he was depicted.

2. 201 – In this episode, all appearances of Mohammad were blacked out by the network which is said to be more shocking than the actual character.

3. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson


This episode in season 11 addresses the controversy involved after Michael Richards used the N-word.

4. Bloody Mary


A statue of the virgin Mary is covered with blood, which offends plenty of Catholics.

5. Crack Baby Athletic Association


In season 15, the NCAA is bluntly mocked.

6. The China Probrem


Cartman and Butters both decide to dress up as Chinese people before the act of rape is depicted.

7. Not Without My Anus – This gem angered viewers by featuring Saddam Hussein, Celine Dion, and Terrance and Philip. It was originally meant to be the answer to who Eric Cartman’s father was in the previous season and was considered to be the middle finger to the audience.

8. Jared Has Aides – Butters is seen being abused by his parents, which was disturbing to most viewers.

9. Cripple Fight – This episode’s title speaks for itself and involves two disabled students getting into a fight.

10. Trapped in the Closet – Both Tom Cruise and Scientology are bluntly mocked.

Most Dark

1. Hell on Earth


Satan decides to throw a sweet 16 party in Hell, which Steve Irwin attends and is seen with a stingray on his chest.

2. Death


Stan’s grandfather is described as suicidal in this episode and begins to beg his grandson to murder him.

3. The Return of Chef


After leaving for a period of time, Chef returns and is clearly brainwashed by a cult that is hinted to be Scientology.

4. Woodland  critters


Cartman’s imagined evil animals engage in all sorts of satanic rituals.

5. Scott Tenorman Must Die


Cartman looks to target an eighth grader after purchasing his pubes fails to impress Cartman’s friends.

6. Bloody Mary – A statue of the virgin Mary is covered with blood, which offends plenty of Catholics.

7. World War ZimmermanBoth World War Z and George Zimmerman are mocked during this story line.

8. Red Sleigh Down – Santa Clause is the butt of the joke here and looks more like a homeless drunkard.

9. The Missing Episode – This one left viewers wondering why the show didn’t meet its deadline.

10. Butters very own episode


Butters mother goes crazy and tries to kill him by drowning him into a lake.

Faqs on south park

South Park is a real place?
Yes, South Park area is near Denver, Colorado.
Why can we not hear what Kenny says?
Well, probably because his hood covers his mouth.
Why Kenny is no longer dying?
Maybe Matt and trey tired to kill him in every episode, there’s not a lot of ways he can die, and soon it would be too old and uninteresting.
Who is  Liane Cartman ?
Liane Cartman is hermaphrodites, which means that she has a p**is and a va**na, so there is no need to buy it vibrator.
Why Cartman has no father?
As mentioned in the previous answer, it is a hermaphrodite, which means that it can fertilize itself, and be a father and mother at the same time.
Many people watches South Park?
Yeah, it has the highest rating on comedy central!
What is the real name of the Chief?
Jerome McElroy
What happened to the name Jimmy, was it changed?
Previously, the name was Jimmy Swanson but it was then changed to Valmer.
When will South Park end?
Recently, a contract was signed for the creation of the series to continue until 2018, so we will see!
What is the real name of Butters?
Leopold Stotch
Who makes the show?
Dan Sterling
David Goodman
Kyle McCulloch
MC Goldstein
Matt Stone
Nancy Pimental
Pam Brady
Philip Stark
Trey Parker
Trisha Nixon
Tupac Schwart
Official ACF of South Park
Q. – Who is going to make new episodes of South Park when Trey and Matt will die?
A. – We doubt that after the revolution in 2012, it will make a difference.
Q. – Are you going to make fun of  guards and customs officials at airports?
A. – Already did. Episode “The Entity. “in the fifth season.
Q. – Who gave the idea of Matt and Trey that Canadians ovoid head and have small eyes?
A. – Matt and Trey are simply trying to show Canadians as realistically as possible.
Q. – Matt and Trey are using a PC or Mac?
A. – Yeah.
 Q. – Where can i get a list of episodes?
A. – Here.
Q. – Lee Wii said thanked South Park after an episode dedicated to her?
A. – … You ask whether we have praised an inanimate object?
Q. – What is a Biggie Smalls?
A. – Christopher George Latore Wallace, also known as “The Notorious BIG “
Q. – In his house of Cartman hangs a portrait of his mother, and Eric, why do they have yellow faces?
A. – That’s what was South Park before embarking on colored paper case.
Q. – Why Part XII?
A. – Because Treyu liked it looks like “XII “.
Q. – who voiced Sea Otters?
A. – Matt and Trey.
Q. – I’ve noticed that a lot of the latest episodes relate to animals. (egFree Willzyx, Fun With Veal). Are they vegetarian?
A. – You did not see what they have said about vegetarians in Fun With Veal?
Q. – If Matt and Trey create one episode only a week away, why they produce only 14 a year?
A. – Despite the fact that the episode is created in a week, it is preceded by several weeks of pre-planning, Trey and Matt are works 20 hours a day, to create a scene, and if they made ​​them work much more – they might die from overwork.
Q. – What is Al Gore now really engaged in?
A. – He really makes the film.
Q. – When will David Blane return?
A. – He seems to have the gift of hibernating for a long time, so we’ll see …
Q. – The creators believe in the right to freedom and freedom of speech?
A. – Apparently, yes.
Q. – I’ve seen on a couple of resources that name Craig as – Nommel. Is this true?
A. – That name was Craig was never said on the show.
Q. – Judging by the polls of fans, which is the funniest episode ever made?
A. – “Fat Butt and Pancake Head. “
Q. – Do Matt or Trey has XBox 360? I noticed that Cartman is playing it in the episode “TSST ! ”
A. – Yes it is.
Q. – So, the full version of the video of Muhammad Cartoon Wars II is real? It looks like a fake.
A. – That which is on the Internet – is a fake.
Q. – I saw the movie Baseketball, Orgazmo, the South Park Movie, and Team America. Matt and Trey do anything any more movies?
A. – Yes, there is one called “Cannibal : The Musical “.
Q. – What’s all the same means TSST?
A. – TSST is sound, it does not mean anything.
Q. – I hope to see Team America II.Any plan of creating?
A. – No, sorry.
Q. – So what is all the name metrosexual mean?
A. – This is when heterosexual acts like a fag.
Q. – Do they ask permission before showing celebrities in the show?
A. – HAHAHA! (No .)
Q. – Does North Park exist?
A. – Yes, North Park was mentioned in several episodes, such as the headline in the series “Summer Sucks ” (0208 ) was written by:
“The boy from North Park lost an arm. “
Q. – How do you do Saddam Hussein voice?
A. – Uh, it was not his voice …
Q. – Is Mr. Garrison gay, straight or bisexual?
A. – Yeah.
Q. – Is it possible for Trey and Matt to take ideas from the forums?
A. – They take ideas from each other only
Q. – What is the name of Jimmy? Swanson? Valmer?
A. – It depends on the mood of Trey.
Q. – Will Kenny ever be rich?
A. – No.
Q. – Do Matt and Trey hate  Canada?
A. – No


Stereotypes in South Park

A characteristic feature of the series that can be seen in many episodes is a constant mockery of all sorts of stereotypes. Lots of characters and situations of the series are exaggerated to the extreme expressions of certain stereotypes prevailing in America or around the world. Often in the wold of “South Park “primitive stereotypes (in which Cartman is great believer) suddenly find themselves completely true. The almost impossible to learn one or another plot twist in anironic play on the stereotypese , is a prominent feature of the series

Representative examples:
The stereotypes about Jews. Eric Cartman – is an outspoken anti-Semite, and he believes all the stereotypes about Jews. For example, in the episode 908, he asks Kyle to give him  “Jewish gold “that all Jews supposedly have on their chest in a pouch. Kyle is outraged and says that its absurd and that stereotypes do not exist in reality. But he persisted, and Kyle suddenly gives Eric Jewish gold in the bag. After that, Cartman says that the Jews always have two bags, one of which is fake gold. Kyle waits, but after a second gives the other bag. Another example of harping on this theme – appears in episode 511 in which Kyle Schwartz an extremely stereotypical Jew, who says goodbye to the main characters in these words: “You are akind of do*che bags. Since you behave as stereotypical rednecks. ”
Stereotypes about Negroes. In episode 709 Cartman, come up with an idea to form a Christian rock group, has went to the token, and tells him that he pick up his bass from his basement . Token responsded: “We do not have a bass “Cartman says: “You are the black, and in your basement their has to be a bass guitar. ” Soon Token Cartman comes out with the bass guitar, which found in his basement. When Cartman asks Token to play a note, he says he does not know how. But cartmna says “You are also black,and  you know how to play the bass, “. “I’m sick of your stereotypes, “- said Token and trying to play some notes the move plays a complex bass naote.
Stereotypes about independent film. Cartman says that all independent films show cowboy as queers, with pudding, Wendy advises him not to talk like that. As Stan returned from the theater, Eric asks him if there were cowboys-queers. He replied: “Yes , more than enough. ”
Stereotypes about Canadians. All Canadians in the series (starting with first appearing in an episode of 101 as Ike Broflovski) are shown much cruder than the American characters. They have small eyes, the upper half of the head moves during a conversation. Primitive image of Canadians is emphasized: for example, a man with an ugly face is portrayed in the same way as any other. Canadians are deliberately ugly compared to conventional characters – a clear mockery of the American stereotype of Canadians as inferior people. In the song “Blame Canada “and anti canada campaign in the film “South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut “is a much mockery of American stereotypes about their neighbors.
Stereotypes about the Japanese. American stereotype of the lack of spirituality and as “people with no souls “is reflected in the episode 904, when one of the arch angels of Heaven resembles that of Japanese who have no soul. The stereotype of the Japanese as an enemy of America is ridiculed in a episode310, when the Emperor of Japan and his assistants gather children againnst america to avenge to bombardment of Pearl Harbor.
Strereotypy about the Chinese. In episode 611 Chinese restaurant owner Tuong Lu Kim is asked to build a city wall, as he is – the only Chinese in the city, and the Chinese have the ability to build grat walls. Later, the wall is demolished all the time by the Mongols, and he defends it.
Characters: Terrance and Phillip show – hyperbolized stereotypical toilet humor; Goths children  – stereotypical Goth; Skeeter – stereotypical rednecks; Mr. Slave – stereotypical homosexual; Dr. Mefesto – hyperbolized mad scientist stereotype

Main characters of the show

Following are the main characters of the show.

Eric cartman.

Cartman is the probably the main character of the animated series “South Park”. From the first minutes Cartman draws attention to itself, and so in each series. Friends call him fat, but he explains his weight so that he has wide bone. The most favorite activity Cartman, Kyle humiliated. He always comes up for him new intrigues and points out that he was Jewish. Actually, during the viewing of the series begin to understand that Cartman loves no one but himself, well, perhaps his toy frog Clyde. It is noticeable his leadership abilities. In difficult moments, he led his friends Kyle , Wall and Kenny , and thus together they were victorious.


Kyle broflovski.
One of the four main characters of South Park.He is a good student at school.Parents Sheila Broflovski and Gerald Broflovski are very fond of him.Kyle has a younger brother, Ike of which he is constantly concerned. Kyle is a Jew, and for this reason he has had frequent conflicts with Cartman. The most famous quote of Kyle is ” you Bastards,” which he says immediately after the phrase The Wall “OMG They killed Kenny !!!”. This was interesting to watch and he learn something new from every episode .

Stan marsh.

Stan is also one of the four main characters of the animated series. Among all it stands out for its just actions, and he never refuses to help anyone. The best friend of stan is Kyle Broflovski , as the two of them belong to the famous phrase, “They killed Kenny. Bastards!”. He is a large family-his dad Randy Marsh , mom Sharon Marsh , and even he has an older sister Shelley Marsh and grandfather, which is associated with a lot of interesting episodes. Another relationship worth mentioning is of stan and wendy testaburger , they love each other. Stan always pukes which he tries to kiss Wendy.

Kenny McCormick.

Kenny McCormick lives in a poor family, and for this reason he is constantly exposed to jokes from Cartman. However, Kenny is the soul of the group and even Cartman laughs at his jokes. Kenny clothing is orange parka, which he never takes off. Kenny’s death and the subsequent phrase, “They killed Kenny. Bastards !!!” from the mouth of stan and Kyle, happens almost every season, and no surprise in the next episode or season Kenny reappears unharmed. Death of Kenny in general is very highlight of the animated series, and certainly the audience is always waiting for this moment. In some episode, Kenny do not die, as it focuses on other characters.
Butters Stotch.

The character Butters did not immediately begin to appear in the animated series South Park , but as soon as he did the first time it immediately attracted the most attention. Butter is kind and naive little boy who suffers from constant harassment from Eric Cartman . The relationship with his parents too, is not the ideal, Butters is constantly afraid of being grounded, or to disobey in anything his mom and dad say. Even when he tells his parents  truth they will never believe him. Friends of the Butters either. It is for this reason that Butters alter ego Professor Chaos comes up (a parody of the comic villain).

Jimmy Vollmer.

Jimmy suffers from a disability of Weak leg muscles, so he moves with the help of crutches. Despite his illness, Jimmy leads a full life. It takes part in all school projects, and he leads his own show in the genre of stand-up comedy. To him everything is always listening, they love him and his jokes in his performance. The best friend of Jimmy is Timmy , he is also disabled and bad mouthed, only Jimmy understands his speech. His most interesting part with Jimmy is shown in episode on Paralympic Games in which his dark side is shown.


Timmy is one of the minor characters of South Park . He moves with the help of a wheelchair. His Mental abilities is also lagging behind other children. His speech consists of a single word “Timmy” and with its help he builds his whole sentences, but unfortunately no one understands. Timmy is the best friend of Jimmy , a disabled person as he is.  Timmy comes in a series of “Paralympic Games”. In it, he is involved as Jimmys coach.

Ike Broflovski.

Ike is Kyle Broflovski’s  younger brother . Ike himself is very modest and is shown as a three-year boy with a very funny and memorable voice. He boundlessly love his parents and his brother Kyle. Ike is Canadian and he is a foster child of Broflovski  family.One episode is devoted to Kyle learnin that Ike is not his brother,. One of his very  interesting episode is in which at Ike and his kindergarten teacher starts a love relationship with him, and his brother knows about it and trying to resolve the situation.

Mr. Garrison.

Mr. Garrion is a very interesting character in the animated television series South Park . In the first series, he appears in the role of a school teacher, but in this period, you may notice some oddities associated with him. And some of his weirdness is with Mr. Hat, a simple doll, but Mr. Garrison talks to her as a living person. After the disappearance of Mr. Hat Mr. Garrison begins to believe that he was a homosexual and thus there is a new character who becomes a friend of Mr. Harrison- Mr. slave. for He even makes plastic surgery and becomes a woman, but not quite complete.Despite such unconventional actions, he continues to teach at the school. After the breakup with Mr. slave,Mr. Garrison again changes its their sexual orientation and becomes a lesbian.Later he turns to gay man again in another plastic surgery in the episode on stem cell research.

Randy Marsh.

Randy Marsh is the father of Stan march . By itself, Randy is calm and consistent character of South Park. It seems the only one of scientists in the town . It works in the center of seismic activity. But sometimes Randy Marsh appears before the audience in a completely different form. It changes the way of a quiet and relaxing husband and father, and is presented in a completely opposite form. For example in a series when South Park school team participates  in the championship game of baseball, Randy turns into a violent fans and every game does not end without a fight. Or more in which Randy is suffering from alcohol addiction. He convinces himself that he is an alcoholic, and trying to bring it to the people around him.

Sharon Marsh.

Sharon Marsh is the mother of one Stan  Marsh and wife of Randy Marsh . Sharon particularly stands out among the secondary characters. She is a loving wife and caring mother. Among the mothers of South Park, it stands out for its care of their children. So for example in the episode when the Stanl is considered a murderer his mother tries to hide the evidence for that, she buries the corpses in his garden. All high school students believe Sharon Marsh beauty. In one scene, in exchange for the service they ask to bring a photo wall with naked breast of his mother. In the episode “Club House” Sharon Marsh divorced  her husband, but the Stan is work his way to reunite the family together again.

Shelley Marsh.

Shelley Marsh is the sister of Satn March . Shelley is a teenager who nobody likes, she has no friends, parents also do not show her special attention. She has  braces and on this occasion it is highly complex. Shelley’s favorite pastime is watching television. She can not stand Terence and Philip, and on this conflicts with his younger brother Stan happens all the time . Shelley constantly beatshis brother and feels only hatred for him, it is evident not only in the constant beatings, but also in dealing with them. Shelley appears in no other episode, only in a single episode, when Shelly at the request of Cartman’s mom go to babysit cartman and invites her boyfriend, but their relationship ends very soon.

Liane Cartman.

Liane Cartman is Cartman’s Mom. She loves her only son, and his desire to continually perform. In the second season of South Park , in a series of “Cartman’s Mom is hermaphrodite” viewers learn that Lien is hermaphodiet. Lien does not miss a single opportunity of sex. It seems the entire male population of the town did it with Liane Cartman. Friends of Cartman constantly tell him that his mother went nude for magazines and porn films, but he does not want to believe it. One of the very interesting  episode is in which Cartman tries to find out who his real father, and until recently, Lien did not disclose the secret, but in the end when it came to the surface it was really shocking.

Wendy testaburger.

Wendy testaburger studies with the main characters in the class. She also plays the role of the stans girlfriend and it is already shown on the first series. Wendy is very smart and talented girl. While her friends are watching soap operas on TV and are interested to the general fashion, Wendy is  engaged in learning. Very often there are disputes with Cartman on the report or homework. In the seventh season of the animated series Wendy breaks his relationship with Stan and later came together.Her dark side is shown when a lesbian teacher came to teach the class and all boys including stan had crush on her.

Gerald Broflovski.

Gerald Broflovski is the father of Kyle and Ike . Gerald is a lawyer, so his family is maintained, lives in prosperity and in no need. Gerald loves his children, he always took care of them and give advice. He is a Jew, so it is very religious, and tries his family also adhered to the traditions of Judaism. In one series, Gerald as he loves dolphins, did plastic surgery, and he becomes like a dolphin. Another very interesting series, where Gerald Broflovski buys a Hybrid car becomes a champion of the environment, and calls on all others to do the same.
Sheila Broflovski.

Sheila Broflovski Mother of  Kyle and Ike. Just like her husband she adheres to Judaism. Sheila loves her children, she always wants to protect them from everything that can badly affect them. More often she loves to stir up rallies and marches. She believes that Terence and Philip are bad influence on children, so Kyle sometimes is unable to look at their favorite characters. In an episode of Conjoined twins Nurse Sheila finds out about the school nurse, who suffers from a very rare disease, and because of this isdespised by children and some adults. Then Sheila decides to help the school nurse and arrange a small event in South Park , titled conjoined twins Week. Thus the whole town attention is riveted on nurse but nurse on the contrary, only gets upset by them.


Characters full list

Full list of characters in South Park

All of the following are the characters in the animated television series “South Park “and the animated feature film”South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. “Characters are specified only once, in the section devoted to them. Characters that are most associated with some of the characters and do not fall into any of the other categories are indicated next to those characters. Next to it is the number of the first episode , where they have appeared. The first number is the name of the season followed by the episode number , for example, 12 episode of season 7 – 712. If a character dies in a series, it is also otherwise stated.Most of the male and some of the female characters are voiced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. In the first season most of the female characters were voiced by Mary Kay Bergman and Eliza Schneider; Now women’s voices are voiced by April Stewart and Mona Marshall.
South Park Characters
Some characters are voiced by specially invited actors: Adrien Beard (Token Black), Vernon Chetmen (Polotenchik ), Jennifer Howell (Bibi Stevens) and John Hansen (Mr. Masochist).Chef until his departure from the series was voiced by Isaac Hayes.Sometimes for voicing some of the characters in the series special artists are invited  (this is indicated with the list of the individuals).The events in the series “Peep “and significant fragments of episode “Christmas critters “and “All about the Mormons “would probably not actually possible without some special characters.Therefore, the characters of these episodes are listed separately.

The protagonists and their families

Families marshes,Broflovski, Cartman, Stotchey, tweaks, Williams and Craig.

 Marshes Family

  • Stanley “Stan “Marsh (The Spirit ofChristmas. Jesus vs. Frosty) – one of the four main characters of the series, is now fourth-best friend of Kyle Broflovski. As the most “adequate “reasonable of all students, is able take a sober look at the situation and learn from the lesson.
  • Underdeveloped clone Stan (105 ) – created by Dr. Mefesto.
  • Stan from a parallel universe (215 ) – Stan evil twin from another universe.
  • Stan from the future (616 ) – an actor pretending to be a 32-year-old Stan.
  • Shelley Marsh (105 ) – 13-year-old Stan evil hysterical sister .
  • Randy Marsh (102 ) – the father of Stan and Shelley, a geologist, one of the main adult characters in the series.
  • Roy (212 ) – Brief Stepfather of Stan .
  • Sharon (sometimes Carol) Marsh (105 ) – the mother of Stan and Shelley, Secretary in rhinoplastic surgery clinic.
  • “Grandpa “Marvin Marsh (106 ) – 102-year-old father, Randy.
  • Grandpa Grandpa Marsh (106 ) – is dead, is in Purgatory.

Relatives of the Marches

  • Jimbo Kern (102 ) – Uncle of Stan (probably along the line of Sharon).
  • Aunt Flo (215 ) – Aunt of Sharon. Killed in episode 215.

Domestic animals

  • Sparky (104 ) – Stan’s homosexual dog.
  • Fish from a parallel universe (215 ) – Stan’s villainous fish.
  • Goat (509 ) – sent to Stan from Afghanistan.

Broflovski Family

  • Kyle Broflovski (Ghost of Christmas. Jesus vs. Frosty) – one of the four main characters of the series, is now fourth-best friend of Stan Marsh. The most intelligent of the children,he too experiences everything, but try to draw conclusions and to become better.
  • Kyle from a parallel universe (215 ) – the evil twin of Kyle from another universe.
  • Ike Broflovski (101 ) – foster brother of Kyle, Canadian prodigy.
  • Gerald Broflovski (108 ) – Kyle’s father, a successful lawyer.
  • Sheila Broflovski (106 ) – Kyle’s mother, an active public figure.
  • Cleo (310 ), Sheila’s mother, died three years before the episode 310.

Relatives Broflovski

  • Kyle Schwartz (511 ), a nephew of Sheila.
  • Mother Kayla Schwartz mentioned in 112 and 511, but does not appear in the series.

Domestic animals

  • Elephant (105 ), Kyle’s.

Cartman Family

  • Eric Theodore Cartman (the Spirit of Christmas. Jesus vs. Frosty – named Kenny) – one of the four main characters of the series, currently a fourth-graders. Narcissistic, cynical, egocentric, striving for power and money, can not tolerate even those who are try to communicate with him, and often oppose other children.
  • Cartman from a parallel universe (215 ) – good double of Cartman from another universe.
  • “New Cartman ” (415 ) – a boy pretending to be thinner Cartman. In episode 415 killed.
  • Cartman from the future (616 ) – Cartman in the future, the director of his own company time travel.
  • Liane Cartman (101 ) – the mother (biological father) of Eric, a prostitute and porn actress.
  • Biological mother Erica – one of the residents of South Park.
  • Harold Cartman (216 ) – grandfather of Eric.
  • Mabel Cartman (211 ) – Eric’s grandmother. Dies in episode 506.
  • Aunt Lisa and Uncle Stinky (in the translation of the Goblin Uncle Stinky), cousinFred , cousin Alvin , cousin of Alexander , fat bob , Uncle Howard , grandmotherFlorence – relatives Eric from episode 216.

Domestic animals

  • Fluffy (105 ) – Eric pig.
  • Progeny of Fluffy from Mr. Harrison (105 ).
  • Kitty (sometimes Mr. Kitty) (101 ) – Eric’s cat. In a series 101 announced by Jay Leno.
  • Jimmy (216 ) – Cartman dog.

McCormick Family

  • Kenneth “Kenny “McCormick (the Spirit of Christmas. Jesus vs. Frosty – under a different name) – one of the four main characters of the series, now a fourth-graders.Kenny jokes are mostly bawdy and illegible, since almost all of his face is covered with hood.Kenny dies in large number of episodes.
  • Kevin McCormick (203 ) – Kenny’s brother.
  • An unnamed sister Kenny (904 ).
  • Stuart McCormick (109 ) – Kenny’s father, an unemployed alcoholic.
  • Mrs. McCormick (109 ) – Kenny’s mother, an unemployed alcoholic, hates her husband. Name unknown.
  • Numerous relatives of McCormick – mentioned in 203, but did not appear.

Stotches Family

  • Leopold “Butters “Stotch (101 ) – main secondary character of the series, fourth grader. Naive, infantile, unfortunate, and a notoriously weak-willed child who is sometimes appearing among others.
  • Batters from the future (616 ) – actor pretending to be Butters from the future.
  • Steven (formerly Chris) Stotch (403 ) – the father of Butters, maybe in military.
  • Linda Stotch (416 ) – Butters mother, an engineer.

Tweaks Family

  • Tweek Tweek (217 ) – a significant minor character of the series, nervous and a fourth-grader.
  • Richard Tweek (217 ) – Tweek’s father, the owner of a coffee shop.
  • Mrs. Tweek (name unknown) (217 ) – mother of tweaks, co-owner of the coffee shop.

Other families

Blacks Family

  • Token Black (sometimes Williams) (101 ) – fourth grader, the only black child in the city.
  • Bob (sometimes Steve) Black (Williams ) (401 ) – Father of token.
  • Linda Black (Williams ) (401 ) – Token’s mother.

Donovan Family

  • Clyde Donovan (sometimes Harris, sometimes Goodman) (101 ) – fourth grader.
  • Father Clyde (611 ) – geologist, name unknown.
  • Mother Clyde (611 ) – name unknown.

Domestic animals

  • Rex (104 ) – Clyde’s dog .

Vollmer Family

  • Jimmy Vollmer (sometimes Swenson) (503 ) – disabled fourth grader .
  • The mother and father of Jimmy (702 ) – the names are not known.

Testaburger Family

  • Wendy testaburger (Ghost of Christmas. Jesus vs. Santa) – Stan’s and for some tie Token’s girlfriend.
  • Mrs. Testaburger (610 ) – name unknown.
  • Mr. Testaburger (812 ) – name unknown.

Stevens Family

  • Barbara “Bibi “Stevens (101 ) – fourth garder-.
  • Mother Bibi (610 ) – name unknown.
  • The father of Bibi (812 ) -name unknown.

Timmy’s Family

  • Timmy (402 ) – fourth grader, is mentally retarded. Last name is unknown.
  • Helen and Richard (404 ) – Timmy’s parents, mentally retarded.

Domestic animals

  • Gabblz (414 ) – defective turkey.

Craig’s Family

  • Craig (111 ) – fourth-grader. Last name is unknown.
  • Mother and father Craig (304 ) – the names are not known.

Domestic animals

  • Stripe – guinea pig (mentioned in 304, does not appear in the series).

Mefesto Family

  • Dr. Alphonse Mefesto (105 ) – a mad scientist.
  • Kevin (105 ) – a clone of Michael Jackson’s ape, inseparable from Mefesto.
  • Terrence (104 ) – fourth-nephew of Mefesto.
  • Brother of Alfonso Mefesto – mentioned in 202, does not appear in the series.

Domestic animals

  • Turkey killer rabbit fish, gorilla-mosquito, rat-duck, raw protein, four ass*d monkey four ass*d mongoose,four ass*d ostrich monkey  Galapagos tortoise – the results of genetic experiments of Mefesto.

Elementary School South Park

Elementary School South Park.


  • Headmistress Victoria (107 ) – the school director.


  • Miss Choksondik (412 ) – substitute teacher in the 4th grade. Dies in episode 607.
  • Miss Claridge (810 ) – a kindergarten teacher.
  • Miss Stevenson (1010 ) – a kindergarten teacher. killed in episode 1010.
  • Miss Helen (111 ) – teacher in the 3rd grade. killed in episode 111 .
  • Mrs. Dreybl (703 ) – art teacher.
  • Mrs. Dreybl  her husband and 2 daughters, (703 ).
  • Mr. Herbert Garrison (101 ), from 901 episodes of Miss Janet Harrison – teacher in the 4th class (one time in kindergarten), one of the main adult characters in the series.
  • Mr. Hat (101 ) –   Mr. Garrison hand doll(up to episode 614).
  • Mr. twig (208 ) – briefly replaced Mr. Hat.
  • Mr. Vaylend (407 ) – once taught to 4th grader.
  • Mr. slave (614 ) – a former aide to Mr. Garrison. Now married to Big gay Al-homosexual.
  • Mr. Richard Adler (304 ) – the teacher labor.
  • The dead bride Adler (304 ) – killed in 304 episodes.
  • Grandmother Adler (304 ) – 304 killed before the episode.
  • Uncle Adler (304 ) – killed up in episode 304 .
  • Pearl (304 ) – Home Economics teacher. Last name is unknown.

Service staff

  • Nurse Gollum (205 ) – a woman with dead embryo adherent to her head  .
  • Miss Crabtree (101 ) – school bus driver. Killed in episode 813.
  • Miss Venezuela (1009 ) – cleaner, Mexican.
  • Mr. Mackey (108 ) – the school psychologist.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mackey (611 ) – parents of Mr. Mackey.
  • Other Mexicans (1106 ) – taught in the 4th grade in the 1006 episode.
  • Petey – sexual harassment Panda (real name Tom Morris) (306 ) – the person who explain to children about sexual harassment. Currentlr he do not work at the school and possibly dead.
  • Jerome “Chef “McElroy (101 ) – the school cafeteria cook, one of the main adult characters in the series. Killed in a 1001 episode.
  • Thomas and Nellie McElroy (303 ) – the father and mother of Chef living in Scotland.


Junior classes

  • Fillmore (413 ) – preschooler.
  • Dougie (308 ) – the student of the second class.
  • Nelson Brown (1014 ) – preschoolers. dies in an episode in 1014.
  • Other players hockey team (1014 ) – preschooler.

The fourth class (other than mentioned)

  • Alex Glick (707 ) – a dark-haired boy. Perhaps not in South Park’s school.
  • Bahir Hassan Abdul Hakim (1104 ) – Arab boy. Leaves town in episode 1104 .
  • Mother and father Bahira (1104 ).
  • Berta “Ginger ” (101 ) – the redhead girl. Daughter of Skeeter (see . Other residents of South Park).
  • Bill (104 ) – perhaps  son of Dr. Mefesto.
  • Harry Harrison (712 ) – a Mormon boy. Perhaps not in South Park’s school.
  • Harry Family (712 ).
  • Gregory (South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut) – the blond boy. Apparently, no longer goes to school in South Park.
  • Damien (108 ) – the son of Satan (see . Divine beings).
  • Jason (606 ) – a dark-haired boy.
  • Dog Poo (101 ) – the boy with a spots on his face.
  • Kevin, sometimes Casey (101 ) – a dark-haired boy.
  • Kelly Nelson (301 ) – Kenny’s girlfriend.
  • Leroy (1009 ) – a boy with brown hair.
  • Lizzy (401 ) – a girl.may be died in episode 401 .
  • Loki – a dark-haired Jewish boy, .
  • Millie – blonde girl.
  • Philip “Pip “Purrip (101 ) – fair-haired boy, Englishman.
  • Pip Parents  -does not appear in the show ,dead by the episode 208.
  • Sally Turner (sometimes Powder) (301 ) – the redheaded girl.
  • Tommy (304 ) – the boy.
  • Fossey (104 ) – the boy with a strange haircut.
  • Heidi Turner (Sometimes Marcie) (411 ) – the girl with gray hair.
  • Stephen Turner (411 ) – father of Heidi.
  • Mrs. Turner (411 ) – mother of Heidi.
  • Stepfather of Heidi (909 ) – the new husband of Mrs. Turner.
  • Anne “Annie “Polk (101 ) – blonde girl.
  • Esther – haired girl.

Senior classes

  • Sixth-graders (416 ) – Frequently accuring group,names are unknown.
  • Runaway Girl (212 ) – probably 14 years old and studying in the 11th grade.
  • Scott Tenorman (501 ) – ninth grader.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman (501 ) – Scott’s parents. killed in episode 501.


  • Leader ready (714 ) – the eldest of the ready. Name unknown.
  • Henrietta (714 ) – the only girl-goth. Last name is unknown.
  • Mother Henriette (714 ).
  • Henrietta’s father – mentioned in 714.
  • Got to get better bang (714 ) – the name is unknown.
  • Goat kid (714 ) – preschooler, name unknown.


  • Lemmivinks (614 ) – a hamster, now King of hamsters and does not live in the school.

Major urban institutions


  • Mayor Mekdeniels (102 ) – Mayor of the city.
  • Ted (102 ) – assistant to the mayor.Killed in a 1107 episode.
  • Johnson (102 ) – assistant to the mayor.


  • Officer Barbredi  (101 ) – an idiot up to 7th season.The only cop in the town.
  • Sergeant Luis Eytts (706 ) – an officer of the district department.
Hospital “Hell pass  “

Hospital “Hell Pass”

  • Dr. Gaucho (202 ) – the chief doctor of the hospital. In the movie “South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut “voiced by George Clooney.
  • Nurse Grady (202 ) – armless nurse.

Television South Park


  • Tom Pasliker (sometimes Suollenbolls) (107 ) – the leading news reader.
  • Hispanic with gravy stains on the coat (511 ) – Reporter.
  • Dwarf in a bikini (107 ) – Reporter.
  • 34-year-old Asian man, strikingly looking like Ricardo Montalban (211 ) – Reporter.
  • The man with the funny name Gudness Crimi (208 ) – Reporter.

TV stars

  • Fat Abbot (212 ) – the protagonist of his own TV show.

Crime in South Park


  • Maniac, cut off the left hand (713 ) – a maniac. killed in episode 713.
  • The hat (609 ) – a serial killer of babies.


  • Old Frida (210 ).


  • Josh Myers (703 ) – the boys threw toilet paper at home.
  • Luga (sometimes Luigi) (402 ) – the head of the Mafia in the sale of teeth.
  • Top (401 ) – convict colony for minors.
  • Trent Boyett (910 ) – the boy, who was accused of setting fire to Miss Claridge.

Other residents of South Park

All the main characters of the series “I love the country. “
  • Bartender in Bar of South Park (104 ) – he is also a bookmaker, whose name is unknown.
  • Big Gay Al (104 ) – showman, landlord. He is married to Mr. slave.
  • Bradley (512 ) – a nervous homosexual child .
  • Van Gelder (211 ) – the child, enslaved Planetarium.
  • Chief Running Water (113 ) – Indian chief.
  • Chief Running for profit (707 ) – Indian chief, businessman.
  • Son Running for profit (707 ).
  • Darryl Weathers (806 ) – the representative of the working class.
  • Dr. Adams (211 ) – Director of the Planetarium.Probably died in episode 211, .
  • Doctor of the Clinic in South Park (107 ).
  • Dr. Shvorts (204 ) – the head of the Jewish church in South Park.
  • Carl Denkins (sometimes farmer Bob) (101 ) – the farmer.
  • Mole (South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut) – French boy. Dies and is resurrected in the movie “South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut “.
  • Kurolyub (203 ) – the driver ” bus. “
  • Michael Jefferson (real name, apparently, Michael Jackson) (807 ) – a rich new residents.
  • Jefferson Blanket (real name, apparently, Blanket Jackson) (807 ) – the son of Michael Jefferson.
  • Marty (107 ) – an employee of the morgue.Killed in episode 107.
  • The second employee of the morgue (107 ) – the name is unknown. killed in episode 107 .
  • Mr. Dёrb (303 ) – a trader, sometimes – school cafeteria cook.
  • Mr. Jervis (1014 ) – Editor of South Park.
  • Ned Gerblanski (103 ) – Vietnamese hunter.
  • Father Maxi (108 ) – Catholic priest.
  • Polovinkin (113 ) – legless .
  • Ticket Seller (South -Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut) – working in the theater.
  • Professor Tibeg (1105 ) – the scientist. Killed in an episode in 1105 .
  • Robert Jay Nilend (1001 ) – a psychiatrist.
  • Skyler (307 ) – guitarist, leader of the “Lords of the dungeons “in episode 307 -Shelley’s Boyfriend .
  • Scott (212 ) – drummer Skyler.
  • Bassist Skyler (307 ) – the name is unknown.
  • Skeeter (306 ) – a typical rednecks.
  • Two friends Skeeter (306 ) – usually go out with him, names are unknown.
  • Stu (208 ) – the head of the shop “Fireworks Stu. “
  • Tom (111 ) – included in name “Tom Rinoplasty clinic  “
  • Tuong Lu Kim (602 ) – the owner of a Chinese restaurant.
  • Wing (903 ) – the wife of Lu Kim, singer.
  • The owner of a pet store “In the Indian burial ground ” (215 ).
  • Alison (1106 ) – a lesbian friend of Mrs. Harrison.

Celebrities who live outside South Park

  • “Bart Simpson ” (1004 ) – the boy from New York City.
  • Bob freak (201 ) – Canadian figure in Terrance and Phillip show.
  • Jenkins (1008 ) – a fan of the game “World of Warcraft “.
  • John Uorsok (106 ) – President of broadcast network Cartoon Central.
  • Dr. David Nelson (1101 ) – a dwarf.
  • Starvin Marvin (109 ) – Ethiopian child.
  • Chris (410 ) – the dead man from Hell, one time a lover of Satan.
  • Producer “Capitalist Records ” (214 ).
  • Quintuplets from Romania (403 ) – the girls working in the circus.
  • Grandmother of quintuplets (403 ). In episode 403 dies.
  • Scott “Dick ” (201 ) – Canadian.
  • Snowball (1105 ) – Rabbit, acting as Pope.
  • Terrance and Phillip (106 ) – Canadian comic duo.
  • Sally (201 ) – the daughter of Terrance and Celine Dion. Character show Terrance and Phillip, does not exist in reality.
  • Dog Terrance and Phillip (201 ).
  • Tom Nelson (905 ) – the father of one of the players in Denver league baseball.

Characters from the series “Peep “

  • Miss Havisham (405 ) – an evil old woman.
  • Pocket (405 ) – neighbor room.
  • Estella Havisham (405 ) – a girl in love with Pip.

Divine beings


  • Lord God (316 ) – There is a strange sight.
  • Archangel Michael and other angels (904 ) – People with wings on his back.
  • Jesus Christ (the Spirit of Christmas. Jesus vs. Frosty) – the son of God, the TV show host. Killed in episode 617, rises in an episode in 1105.
  • Satan (108 ) – the prince of darkness. Homosexuals.
  • Death (106 ) – an old woman with a scythe.


  • Moses (309 ) – the Prophet of Judaism, a giant fire.

Team Super wonderful friends – besides Jesus and Moses

  • Buddha (504 ) – has the gift of invisibility.
  • Mohammed (504 ) – the Muslim prophet, his gift of fire.
  • Krishna (504 ) – Hindu deity.
  • Joseph Smith (504 ) – the main Mormon.
  • Lao Tzu (504 ) – the founder of Taoism.
  • Sea man (504 ) – superhero, able to breathe underwater and talk to fish.

Various creatures

Terrestrial beings

  • BSM-471 ( “Bill Cosby “) (413 ) – a cyborg from the future.
  • Crab people (708 ) – underground people-shown as crabs.
  • People from the future (806 ) – IV century people, the result of mixing of races.
  • Mr. Hankey (110 ) – Christmas turd.
  • Otum (417 ) – the wife of Mr. Hankey, an alcoholic.
  • Cornwallis, Simon (417 ) – the children of Mr. Hankey and Otum.
  • Maritime folk (607 ) – created by Cartman. Dies in episode 607.
  • Santa Claus (The Spirit of Christmas. Jesus vs. Santa)
  • Skazlozhop (103 ) – a resident of the mountains.Killed in episode 103
  • Man bear pig – referred to in a series of 1006, apparently does not exist really.


  • Travis Mayfield (1103 ) – a louse Clyde and, later on, Angelina Jolie.
  • Kelly (1103 ) – the wife of Travis.Killed in an episode 1103 .
  • Hope (1103 ) – the daughter of Travis and Kelly.
  • President (1103 ) – Head lice Clyde. Killed in episode 1103 .
  • Vice President Craig (1103 ) – Head lice Clyde. In an episode in 1103 killed.

Reasonable towels

  • Towliee(508 ) – good junkie towel.
  • Evil towel (508 ) – the evil towel.
  • Towels mutants (508 ).


  • Jacob (305 ) – male jakovasaurs.
  • Hope  (305 ) – the wife of Jacob.
  • The children of Jacob and Hope (305 ), at least ten.


  • Gelgomeks (608 ) – the chief representatives of the Catholic Church.
  • The producers of the show “Earth”-(704 )
  • Marklars (313 ) – humanoids.
  • Conventional aliens (101 ) – including workers in the show “Earth . “
  • BAbyfarts mcgeezaks real name kevrin zacksor, ambassador to new planet testing.(1306) alongwith space police.

Aliens in South Park

Season 1

Episode 101 – Cartman Gets an Anal Probe:
1) When they talk to the chief, in the left plate an alien can  be seen .

Episode 104 – Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride:
1) Two aliens can be seen in the top right corner of the crowd after the team Middle park leaves the bus.

Episode 107 – Pinkeye:
1) In the morgue, you can see the little alien.
2) An alien is shown in the poster hanging in the morgue.
3) When the Cartman’s mother sings a song about Halloween, alien ship in the form of a flying saucer crashed on the roof. 

Episode 108 – Damien:
1) When Satan speaks down from cloud in Latin alien flies by in the rush of wind.
2) In the crowd during the fight, there is an alien.
3) When Stan says to Jesus that he has to fight an alien is hiding behind .. in the shade. 

Episode 111 – Tom’s Rhinoplasty:
1) When the Iraqi terrorists go into the classroom, the children hide behind their desks, you can immediately notice an alien head.

Episode 113 – Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut:
1) After Ned says “Could be “, the camera takes a quick focus on Kyle’s father, and then you will notice an alien. (just 1 sec!). 


Season 2 

Episode 201 – Not Without My Anus:
1) UFO is seen over the Iraqi man after Terrans finds his daughter.

Episode 202 – Cartman’s Mom is Still a Dirty Slut:
1) When Mefesto preparing to say about Cartman’s mom is ,an alien seen the crowd.

Episode 203 – Chickenlover:
1) aliens are seen near the horse at the zoo.

Episode 205 – Conjoint Fetus Lady:
1) When the chef is talking to Pip, an alien head in the form of tennis player logo – 

Episode 208 – Summer Sucks:
1) During Cartman first visit in the pool, an alien are floating among the people.

Episode 209 – Chef’s Salty Chocolate Balls:
1) In some scenes of the movie festival an alien sitting in the hall.

2) When all the people coming out of the cinema (killing Kenny), along with them comes an alien. (Very quickly). 
Episode 211 – Robert Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods:
1) At the very end, when Cartman mother makes his remark that he do not pick his nose, alien  appears behind the machine.
Episode 213 – Cow Days:
1) When Kyle says to Kenny to give their food stamps, an alien appears behind.
2) the alien is visible through the glass of the Leonardo DiCaprio limousine . 

Episode 214 – Chef Aid:
1) When the Chief takes money from Sheila… .. little alien is visible on the bill which she gave him. Later in the episode,in all the money.
Episode 215 – Spooky fish:
1) When Eric met his counterpart, alien head is visible on the bus stop sign.

Episode 216 – Merry Christmas Charlie Manson:
1) the alien’s head instead of a smiley face tattoo on head of Charlie Manson.

Episode 217 – Underpants Gnomes:
1) At the end, the alien appears in the crowd, when all the people laugh.






Season 3 

Episode 302 – Spontaneous Combustion:
1) the alien’s face appears on the moon.

Episode 307 – Cat Orgy:
1) The alien appears on the right of Ripley.

Episode 314 – The Red Badge of gayness (War ): 1) They is not hidden but still. They’re on their home planet, watching where the hell they cry.

Season 4

Episode 408 – Chef Goes Nanners:
1) When Jimbo and Ned when they take off their KKK robes. Alien appears immediately next to a tree.

Episode 409 – Something You Do With Your Finger:
1) over the bed of Stan parents.

Episode 410 – Do The Handicapped Go To Hell ?:
1) Two alien both on the roof of confession room after Cartman falls out of her feeling about the wrath of God.

Episode 411 – Probably:
1) The alien appears at the top of the Church of Cartman, the right of the roof, just 2 seconds during the Kyle dialogue to his mother.(estimated time of 5:17) 

Season 5 

Episode 502 – It Hits The Fan:
1) UFO is seen at right shoulder of the Prophet when he was shown the first time.

Episode 504 – The Super Best Friends:
1) you can see its drawing next to the reflection of Jesus on the floor.
2) The top of the head alien can be seen at the left of the screen on the stage.

Episode 508 – Towelie:
1) When the general says about copying ‘TNA’ at the villa, behind him you can see a piece of towel with the logo of the alien.

Season 6 

Episode 602 – Jared Has Aides:
1) One alien shines through the wall in Jared Place.
2) One can be seen over Mayor’s shoulder when Zimbo says that ‘AIDS’ is fun.
3) Right next to the post wheere the Chinese want boys to pay for advertising. 

Episode 603 – Asspen:
1) An alien seen when Kyle is in his chair eating his breakfast.
2) Appears right behind the instructor. 

Episode 605 – Fun With Veal:
1) The alien appears when Cartman is talking on the phone with a negotiator. 

Episode 606 – Professor Chaos:
1) This is an alien in a crowd of people waiting for their order.

Episode 608 – Red Hot Catholic Love:
1) This alien is seen just before the vatican building collapses. Before the building on top of the column. At first glance, it is difficult to notice, but if you look compare the pictures without him and with him, you can tell the difference.

Episode 615 – Biggest Douche in the Universe:
1) When the alien boss talking during the show. It’s right between him and Cartman’s mom .

Episode 616 – My Future Self ‘N Me:
1)  He painted as a crap on the wall.

Episode 617 – Red Sleigh Down:
1) The alien appears in the very first frame of the crowd -in the lighting of the Christmas tree.
2) This alien is very small. Before black and white photograph of Saddam in Baghdad.

Season 8 

Episode 806 – Goobacks
1) View to the top of the red building just beside hoarding ‘welcome to the little future” just before the scene where group of naked men appears .

South Park – Bigger, Longer and Uncut:

1) Most of the money – is with the image of an alien.
2) Cartman hangs a picture with an alien in the room.
3) At the end, an alien among people is holding hands with others. 


Parker and stone interview at 10th season premiere

HOLLYWOOD – Trey Parker set the tone for the rowdy press conference.”First of all, there can’t be any questions about Tom Cruise or Scientology – or South Park.”


The room was crowded with TV critics who wanted to know everything about Tom Cruise, Scientology and particularly South Park, which, after nine years, reigns as the most biting social satire series on television.

As Comedy Central prepares to premiere South Park‘s 10th season on Oct. 4, Parker and partner Matt Stone, former University of Colorado students, remain a bit overwhelmed by their success.

Beneath their cocky attitude and smart-aleck comments lies a “we-were-fortunate” attitude.

“We were surprised when we got on the air in the very beginning,” Parker recalled.

Added Stone: “We had six episodes in that first season. That, for us, was a big deal.”

The arrival of South Park was also a big deal for many viewers – some of whom believed the animated series about the four foulmouthed third-graders from the fictional Colorado mountain town was a precursor to the downfall of Western civilization.

How dare a TV series – even on cable – feature cartoonish kids who dressed up like Hitler on Halloween and made fun of Jesus?

And those were tame topics, compared with what was to follow.

The show has done more than just survive.

A year ago South Park won an Emmy Award as outstanding animated program.

In April, in an announcement that rattled some broadcasting intellectuals, the series was honored with a prestigious Peabody Award for its “undeniably fearless lampooning of all that is self-important and hypocritical in American life.”

And next month, South Park could win a second Emmy for the controversial Trapped in the Closetepisode that mocks Cruise and Scientology.

Until last week, Comedy Central had declined to put the Scientology episode into the summer-rerun package.

The reason?

While the network said the half- hour “just didn’t make it into the repeat rotation,” Parker and Stone contended that Viacom, which operates Comedy Central, pulled the episode because of pressure from Cruise, the star of the company’s Mission: Impossiblemovie franchise.

“We couldn’t think of any other reason,” Parker said, noting that he and Stone had considered severing their ties with Viacom and Comedy Central over the issue.

Cruise has denied applying any pressure.

The boiling controversy was cooled the day before the press conference when Comedy Central announced that the half-hour will be repeated Wednesday night.

As Parker and Stone prepare for a 10th season, signs of their success are everywhere.

A DVD of their favorite 10 episodes will be released this summer amid a batch of promotional gimmicks, including plush toys and travel sweepstakes.

Is the duo becoming too respectable?

Stone, a grin on his face, said, “Winning the Emmy – that was like our worst nightmare.”

Parker, also feigning disappointment, added, “You’re kind of the punk-rock kid at school and suddenly you get student-of-the-month award.”

Both occasionally worry about losing their edge.

“It’s hard to be the old guy at the club after a while,” Stone said. “Still, we’ve had some good shows in the last year.”

Added Parker: “While we don’t want to lose our edge, we also want to grow old gracefully.

“It’s fun for us to watch the nine previous years, because we can see how we’ve changed, . . . how some of our attitudes have changed. But the irreverence is still there. That’s the important thing about South Park.”

They say that picking their 10 favorite episodes for the upcoming DVD was relatively easy.

“Our 10 favorites come from the last four seasons,” said Parker. “Now we look back at what we did in the first three seasons and we’re like, ‘Oh man, we thought that was funny?’

“We’ve definitely learned how to write as the show has gone along.”

Parker noted that one of his favorite episodes has a wacky Lord of the Rings theme in which the kids, after accidentally getting their hands on a porn tape, dress up like Lord of the Rings characters on a quest to return the tape to the video store.

“There are times for us when South Park really hits hard on what it’s like to be in third grade in America. And those are some of our favorite episodes,” he said. “When you look at a total season, rarely are there more than a couple of episodes that deal in political satire. Our favorite shows deal with kids just being kids.”

Dusty Saunders.

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